Somehow, this ain't right...

I'm still trying to catch up on my knitting; I'd like to think that I am.

I re-blocked the Swallowtail (I did a more aggressive block.) - which came out beautifully - and I blocked the Lotus Blossom (Finally!).

I'm doing another Swallowtail (This time, in Fiesta Yarns' La Luz Multi; this silk yarn is perfect for a Swallowtail!)...I think I'm nuts!

I'm also making a cardigan for myself (I really must be nuts!); from Creative Knitting, the Alluring Lace cardigan.

On top of that, Bee commands my attention; at 11 months old (As of tomorrow!!!), she's active and healthy, even if she's a bit small for her age. She's still adorable!