Gothic Revival Shawl (or "Marie Revives from Boredom and School!")

Since binding off the Lotus Blossom, I took some time off from knitting (Basically, to let my hands have a break.).

During this interesting break, I've done several things:
1) Found out I was pregnant (I'm due in September!)!
1a) Newbie (That's the name for now; we have no clue who he or she is because he or she REFUSED to identify himself/herself with the last sonogram we went to.) says hello by kicking me. :)
2) Graduate from college (I iz edumacated, yo!)! I now have an Associate's in Web Technologies (After taking a year off, I'd like to go back for my Bachelor's in Information Systems; that depends on if/when The Husband and I have to move.).
3) Started on two knitting projects (I don't recommend that, especially if your attention span is as fleeting as mine).
4) Put in hardwood floors (Well, The Husband and the Father-in-law did.).
5) Had to replace our A/C unit (This was the most recent kerfuffle.)

The two projects: the Gothic Revival Shawl (found on Ravelry; click on link for more info) and a baby blanket (See? Aren't you glad I spilled the beans about the newest member of the clan before dropping this bit of knitting wonder?).

Eventually, I'll get pictures up (as well as something to help block everything that I've made so far). Apparently, that's not the only thing that's been falling behind in this house! I haven't even blocked the Lotus Blossom (I don't have a way of doing so for now; I'll have to find some cardboard or buy some blocking mats and lace blocking wires.).

In the meantime, I should be getting back to the GRS chart; I have to add two more pattern repeats somehow (Excel, here I come.).