The GRS is done!

I finally finished the Gothic Revival Shawl; granted, it took me a while, but it's done!

The bind-off that was called for in the pattern is a stretchy bind-off. It took me a while to decide on what stretchy bind-off to choose from, but I eventually went with the bind-off that was found in Knitted Lace Triangles.

I had to change my tension greatly when I got to the bind-off; I normally knit tight, but since I wanted to try something different, I went a bit looser. Not only am I pleased with the results, but it did help with some knitting-related issues I have with my hands (My fingers didn’t hurt for a change, no carpal tunnel and no deQuervain’s* issues! Yay!).

All I have to do is block the shawl and it’ll be ready to go. I just need to get some blocking wires and blocking mats...

*Note: deQuervain's is inflammation in the sheath or tunnel that is around the tendons within the thumb (Think carpal tunnel for the thumb.).