A proposition like many others:

A warning: This isn't about knitting; it's about being a target for a scam.

I was recently sent an email from a "Geraldine Rodeger" from "Xlibris Corporation" about my interest in poetry and possibly self-publishing it.

Mind, I never have shared my poetry on this particular blog; I only share it with close friends and fellow church members.

Apparently, this person hit up more than yours truly; try Googling the name and you'll see what I mean.

In the meantime, here's the entire email, here for your amusement (No names have been changed to protect anyone, because it's a fraudulent name to begin with.):

Dear Marie,

Among your many endeavors, you mentioned in your Blogger.com profile that you are also into writing poetry. Have you considered putting these poems of yours together in a book of your own?

Self-publishing is one strong avenue to share your poetry with the world in book format. Not only do you gain worldwide distribution of your work through Barnes & Noble, Borders, and Amazon: bookstores may also want to have your book on their shelves with our new marketing services.

Please e-mail me for further inquiries on self-publishing.


Geraldine Rodeger
Xlibris Corporation

My reply, if the reader wishes to continue being amused.

Ms. Rodeger (If that's your real name.),

As much as I appreciate the cold call email (Otherwise known as searching through various keywords (Such as "poetry" and "photography," for example.), I will have to pass on using Xlibris Corporation. If I do plan on publishing my poetry, it'll be from a more legit source, such as a college newspaper or Zondervan (As if that will happen. I have more luck with the college newspaper!).

I do find it odd that you may have inadvertently targeted Christians in your scam (I might as well call it as I see it.). Needless to say, I'm more amused than annoyed; thank you for providing the proverbial cherry to my banana split of a day. Thank you!